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Thursday, July 21, 2022

Today is a day off from my outside job. Aside from the usual daily chores at home, I have a few goals for fun. I will prepare sections of soil for planting wildflowers to help to save the Monarch Butterflies and to support visiting Hummingbirds. I’ll photograph birds.

I intend to watch the final January 6th Committee Hearing. Live coverage in the PNW will occur late this afternoon. The possibility of appreciating “a Chaney” never seemed remotely possible, but Liz is proving herself an outstanding member of Congress. Throughout my voting years, Republicans have turned me off. I will follow Liz whose example might encourage other moderate Republicans to come forward and address logically and constructively economic and social situations.

There appears to be a key contest of ideas, Chaney vs. Trump. We can hope for the best outcome.

In an associated mood, my friend Susie forwarded an article explaining water shortages in Central Oregon. It’s essentially about water pirating, or an age-old description of unquenchable human quests for visibility, money, and power, with little or no consideration about what’s best for all.

Water shortage is a continuing brutal story of development in Central Oregon. It began in the early 20th Century with the plundering of this area’s surrounding old-growth natural forests. Today, local house building is spreading, encroaching the few remaining local natural forest patches. Central Oregon’s water shortages are because of commercially-drained underground water resources. Behind that are wealthy power brokers, seeking increased profit margin by continually building new structures and commercial golf courses.

Here’s a link to the water article, https://www.opb.org/article/2022/07/19/deschutes-water-rights-access-well-drilling-groundwater-central-oregon/?utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=First%20Look%20July%2019%202022&utm_content=First%20Look%20July%2019%202022+CID_a24c155aa7799e316c8a1c4ff2f34aa9&utm_source=firstlook&utm_term=Learn%20more

Having ranted prior to this afternoon’s hearing, I’ll take a respite to concentrate on butterflies and hummingbirds.

Dear Friends: The future looks really scary if power-hungry Putin wins his war. Diana

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