Hay, hay!

Monday, July 25, 2022

Hay delivery tonight, first of two; the second isn’t yet scheduled. I am thankful for having part-time work that helps me afford new hay.

Recent water shortages have made hay astronomical in price. After all, it’s simply dried grass; it’s been fertilized, watered, allowed to grow tall, and then cut and baled. Grass products should be inexpensive and were (comparatively speaking) until recently. Changing weather patterns make it harder to find and afford good hay.

Large animals must eat, and adequate hay is a fine substitute for pasture grazing. Green grass isn’t always good for horses. Growing grass has a high sugar content that may cause serious foot problems in hooved animals. Some animals on summer grass quickly gain too much weight, and on many (horses are susceptible), stored body fat can last a lifetime.

Today, hooray! My equines will receive much of what’s necessary through the coming months. Next week, a second delivery will fill our hay shed. The grower is an experienced farmer, and we’ll discuss possibilities for his yield next year.

He’s been in a tough spot because water has been short. He wishes to keep his regular customers, and too little harvest forces him to divide a yield among us. So we may receive less grass than needed, which happened last year. I have been careful about my horses’ feed amounts to avoid running short.

We have made it to a new harvest. Anticipating upcoming deliveries has eased my concerns.

Dear Friends: Bulk hay, until recently, quickly and inexpensively was available. Diana

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