Ah, Grass!

Tuesday, July 26, 2022

Hay’s here, some of it anyway. The grower’s trailer can accommodate only half of my order; the balance will arrive in two days.

I was happy to see that truck and its payload rolling toward my barn. Although product and delivery costs this year are triple what they used to be, it’s currently the economy of keeping large animals. Because of reduced water allowances to farmers and less product yield, end-users must search for hay, find what’s available, and afford high prices. Fortunately, I’m a grower’s established customer and can benefit from a share of his cutting.

A rainy and snowy winter would increase harvested hay and help prices fall. Back when bales were readily available and cheaper, I’d stockpile extra. Not possible for the time being, and this week’s deliveries must support my equines until next summer.

I’m sitting on the deck this morning, relaxing in little breezes and enjoying coffee. I’m also calculating the amounts of hay to feed daily to ensure an adequate supply.

Dear Friends: Grab any general coolness before temps rise to triple digits. Diana

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