Thursday, July 28, 2020

My barn is full of hay! My horses and goats have adequate nutrition for a year ahead. There’s even a little overflow in a separate storage area. Oh, happy days.

Now, to turn from the sublime to the ridiculous. Today I’ll purchase a lottery ticket. For insurance, I’ll add a kicker for additional cash. Even with a winning ticket, it’s good to arrange for a safety net of backup cash. Winning a billion might go less far than one hopes in light of inflation and broken supply chains.

We are ordinary people guided from childhood to set our sights on what’s reasonably attainable. Have you ever tried imagining what you’d do with a billion dollars in cash? Aside from paying off your home, buying a new car, and supporting your kid(s) through school?

Dear Friends: I’m happy just having enough hay for my animals. Diana

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