Cooling Off

Friday, July 29, 2022

This morning is about beating the heat. Since early, my twelve-year-old hen, Wellsummer, has been outside enjoying the pre-sun breezes. My garden site for wildflowers is being watered. I’m hanging out on a deck drinking coffee and considering how best to distribute my energy today. This will be another very high-temperature day.

Today, there will be a drawing for the billion-dollar lottery jackpot. If I happen to win a portion, all bets would be off. I have decided on my vital goals. They are paying off my property, completing the house and barn repairs, and searching for a new car. I’d fulfill my dream of purchasing an expensive camera and super lens. I would hope for winnings enough to bulk up my emergency stash. With a portion large enough, I would distribute cash.

People with average lives could do well if surprised by receiving one or several hundred thousand dollars. A more considerable windfall could mess up those not already prepared through knowledge and experience to receive and manage lots of cash. This category includes a very average me.

Sun’s coming up, heating the deck, and my coffee cup is empty. Ms. Wellsummer is panting lightly and needs more shelter. I need to get moving.

Dear Friends: Dreams about being a lottery winner will inspire me all day. Diana

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