Sticker Shock

Saturday, July 30, 2022

I took a “Postman’s Holiday” and visited a local “healthy foods” grocery store. Guess what, it carries many identical products to those in the low-price supermarket where I work part-time. Guess what else, the healthy food store’s prices are mostly double over the same products in my workplace. Just sayin’.

During the first several weeks in my current workplace, as a checker-out of groceries, I saw the advantage of self-transforming and becoming one of the store’s regular shoppers. I began walking the aisles to learn about products, hoping to wean myself from stores where I usually shopped.

I always have been aware of paying high prices. What drew me were stores located nearby. In my outings, time often is short. Convenience has been king.

Changing my typical food shopping habits is a matter that’s growing. It’s beyond simple curiosity or wanting to support a workplace. I’m feeling driven to watch pennies more because of our current economy’s ever-rising prices and frequent product shortages.

My sense is that we needn’t continue waiting for a new normal economy. It has arrived, is what we see.

Dear Friends: I’ve not checked Lottery’s current draw, still love to dream of winning. Diana

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