Sunday, July 31, 2022

The header image is of the infant Robin I rescued and fledged last summer. This popped up in a “memory set” from Google. It’s a powerful memory because of the effort needed to raise that baby, especially so during the worst time of the pandemic. It had fallen from the nest, was helpless, and I happened to be on the spot.

Robins are non-seed-eaters and require live food. I knew that but barely understood what else was needed to fledge the bird. Worse, the pandemic had put many live bait producers out of business. I sought advice and learned that feeding nightcrawlers would work. After finding a source, I figured out how to administer pieces into a huge wide-open beak. Step by step, I succeeded and watched the baby become more robust and braver.

I became very attached to my little charge during weeks of care. One day when called, it didn’t appear. In moments I grasped that it had flown away; I had recognized the bird was ready. A personal victory was seeing “my bird” staying healthy, growing, and learning to fly high and low and from tree to tree.

As far as I know, Robin never has returned. I still often wonder about its welfare. Where did the fledged juvenile fly off to? Is it still healthy? Has it found a mate, become a parent?

Success with that Robin helps to offset my failures with other bird types. This summer, I lost three baby ducks. My inexperience and lack of knowledge made them too vulnerable. Their loss felt like a tragedy. I became highly self-critical for being too ignorant and careless, despite caring deeply about their welfare.

That little Robin is a reminder of the great good that can come from trying and learning.

Dear Friends: Someone has won the billion-dollar Lottery. Dreaming was fun. Diana

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