Looking Ahead

Tuesday, August 02, 2022

My “Lil’ Blue,” a one-eyed hen, is five months old. She has begun laying eggs, tiny and blue and cute as herself.

I’ve watched her closely for if she’d be safe while freely among the community. She was housed in an introductory pen for some weeks, among but safely separated from the main flock. She can fly amazingly well and several times has escaped the holding pen. That’s provided opportunities to observe her while out and about.

She holds her head differently from the other hens, tilting it to the left to allow her right eye optimal vision. While in every way functional for roaming freely among the flock, her unusual head gains attention. Chickens dislike anything looking unusual and try to attack her. Although she’s quick to escape, Lil’ Blue is vulnerable and could be blindsided and injured.

Every chicken needs a flock. Shortly ago, I transferred Lil’ Blue to a standalone kennel beside the flock pen. She sees her buddies, watches them constantly, and yearns to be among them. I hope this single will adjust satisfactorily. To that end, I spend time inside her kennel, holding her, stroking her, and talking.

I’ll move Lil” Blue to the garage when the weather turns cold. She’ll be a special pet, like my “Old Wellsummer,” a very old hen safely and comfortably living in my garage. She and Wellsummer, as neighbors, will be the company to each other.

Dear Friends: I anticipate learning a bunch from this special needs hen. Diana

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