White Feathers & Ears

Blue Andalusian Hen

Wednesday, August 03, 2022

Yesterday morning, my Lil’ Blue received a pen buddy after I happened to capture “White Cloud,” a young and gentle Delaware hen. Cloud and Blue previously were together in a transition pen. White Cloud is accustomed to Lil’ Blue’s strangely-tilted head, and their reunion was uneventful.

Lil’ Blue has one eye. She’s separated from the flock for safety. On her own, she behaves nervously and is thrilled to gain a pen mate. Immediately, she stayed beside Cloud, following Cloud’s lead, drinking well, and vigorously seeking scattered grains and veggies.

Blue’s working eye is on the right side of her head. When all alone, she tilts her head sideways for maximum vision. Alongside Cloud, her face stayed balanced and forward. That seeing buddy eases Blue’s struggle. She’s a happy bird.

Delaware is a docile breed easy to get along with. I was drawn to its beauty and sweetness. Cloud has the fluffiest and softest imaginable white feathers, trimmed with black. Her teaming with Lil’ Blue is a happy event.

Delaware hen

Dear Friends: I didn’t plan to write today about Blue, but I share her excitement for the matchup. Diana

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