The Late Show

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Thursday, August 04, 2022

Managers at the supermarket where I work asked if I’d work late the last couple of nights. The store lacked a cashier to cover a shift ending at eleven p.m. I agreed, anticipating the late evenings to be dull dead zones, and I was wrong.

I live in a small city that overflows at the height of every summer season with visitors and tourists. At nighttime, the streets usually are quiet with very little traffic. This whole area seems to have shut down, and inhabitants are asleep.

I discovered neither quiet nor lack of action in the supermarket. Both nights throughout my shift, the place was alive. My register was busy with people lined up to buy milk, bread, booze, and candy. Some were after only a few items, others stocking up on enough food and supplies for weeks.

I have wondered why folks shop late at night for candy and sodas. That seemed silly, a waste of time. However, now I understand more and realize that some people do a little shopping after working late. I’m newly aware of sleepless and restless people seeking an energy outlet in a safe destination.

Dear Friends: An early bird discovers late nights with personality, unique and fun. Diana

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