Other World

Saturday, August 06, 2022

That’s me in the supermarket where I work; I’ve just got off work and am holding a beautiful Bearded Dragon. She was riding on the shoulder of a lady shopper and calm as a cucumber before her person passed her to me. The critter immediately knew that my shoulder was the wrong one. She became a wriggling handful to escape. The lady laughed and reassured me that a Bearded Dragon, sleepy as it might appear, is highly aware of its surroundings and what’s happening. This pet was convincing; she needed to return to her mom.

That inspired me to learn more about animals with which I’m less familiar. I’ve begun exploring introductory online courses like biology, zoology, and anthropology. The amount of learning accessible and often free is impressive. I’ll find a program offered by a capable university and sign up to expand my understanding of the larger social world.

I’ve only recently become interested in learning about reptiles. The area never drew me before talking with folks who keep as pets snakes and lizards. It appears that a reptile’s appeal as a pet isn’t as intellectual as I had imagined but also has a huge emotional component. They feel close to and enjoy them.

Dear Friends: Now, off to feed the ordinaries, my horses, chicks, and dogs. Diana

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