Catching Up

Sunday, August 07, 2022

The header photo is of my friend, Julie, overseeing the rough playing of those two, almost obliterated in their billowing dust.

We were meeting up for a long-planned puppy playday. Julie brought her Border Collie, Nick, and her Border Terrier, Petey. I was with Chase, my six-month-old lookalike to a standard Manchester Terrier, and Little Mitzvah, my Jack Russell-Poodle mix.

We are long-time friends meeting again to catch up with one another. We strolled, dodging the ever-busy, clumsy Chase, and watching dogs interact as we chatted. Julie and I have much in common. Our world views are compatible, and while many of our life experiences differ, we similarly process information. We two experience events deeply and often reassure one another. This outing was no exception.

We are making plans to meet again soon. We are consummate readers. Pre-pandemic, we’d meet up occasionally for coffee. We’d bring books we were reading or had read that felt important. We would share and discuss what might have made specific works stand out and seem worthwhile. These days for various reasons, we neither frequent restaurants. Instead, we talked about re-starting our occasional book meet-ups at pretty parks over picnic tables.

Meanwhile, we weren’t sure from moment to moment what Chase next might do. He’s active in mid-puppyhood, feeling new strengths and testing boundaries. He insisted on playing rough with tough little Terrier, Petey, who held his own.

Border Terriers are small, unique packages. In my Kansas City days, one of my friends had a Border Terrier. She trained him for Search and Rescue, and he became an active and excellent rescue team member.

Here and again, they’re at it.

Dear Friends: Here’s to the wonder of lasting friendships, despite life’s diversions. Diana

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