Beatin’ The Heat

Monday, August 08, 2022

Hot days are watermelon days! Chickens and turkeys love melons, horses, too, and of course, goats. Chickens eat watermelon clean to a skinny green strip. Horses and goats loving every morsel consume entire rhines.

It’s hard work to schlep heavy pieces down to the barn. There’s bound to be an easier way of getting watermelon to the critters. They love this treat; I will figure out a more convenient way of keeping it going for them.

I have streamed two old movies directed by Blake Edwards and starring Julie Andrews. One is “Victor-Victoria” and the other is “It’s Life.” I remembered both, sort of. “Victor-Victoria” has a particularly terrific performance by Leslie Ann Warren as a jealous girlfriend. As for the movie itself, it works and is entertaining, but takes effort to reimagine Julie Andrews as masculine in her role as a cross-dresser. She just ain’t and that’s all.

In another of their joint ventures, “It’s Life,” the Edwards-Andrews team perfectly hit the ball out of the park. Her co-star, Jack Lemon, at his top, is an attention deficit husband and father. Andrews, too, is at her top, as a wife, mother, and professional singer, keeping to herself a diagnosed threat of potential throat cancer, and having a great fear of the possibility.

This picture was filmed in the couple’s home, which is gorgeous and on the beach in Los Angeles. Their adult children, played by actors unfamiliar to me, are terrific in their roles. I am familiar with Sally Kellerman, who is superb as an emotionally unpredictable neighbor.

Above all, the film is pure Julie Andrews. She’s kind, reassuring, multi-tasking, in control, and authentically emotional. Lovely as herself, and as most of us would suspect, or imagine her to be, in real life.

Dear Friends: This is a modern “summer take” on watermelon and movies. Diana

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