Summer Cool

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Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Central Oregon’s accessible irrigation canals also are cooling spots for humans and dogs. Flowing water maintains surrounding trees, grass, and shade in otherwise hot sandy areas. While hiking with my dogs, I may tote a lightweight folding seat. If a pretty spot makes me feel like pausing, I will take the time to observe satisfying water tripping over rocks in Lilly-lined channels. My pups play, drink, and swim.

My home is near several irrigation channels that my dogs and I enjoy. I reflect that this area, becoming ever more populated, is changing. Some significant visible irrigation flows are already being piped, intended to flow underground. Long term, all significant open flowings will be piped and hidden. The little canals dotting our neighborhood that my dogs and I love will begin disappearing, too, as farmlands become transformed into housing tracts.

My neighborhood, until recently, seemed rural. These days it seems almost cosmopolitan with housing tracts and the biggest shock of all, apartment buildings.

Mental note to myself: Get out ever more often to open flows. Take that portable seat, a camera, and the dogs. Keep ahead of change by recording what’s natural and available. The images eventually will become worth thousands of words.

Dear Friends: Get outside, find the cool, and have a great day.

One thought on “Summer Cool

  1. Loved you blog today. I’ve thought about toting a lightweight chair or simple stool. Your dogs look very happy. 🥰

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