“Cascadian Sunshine”

Thursday, August 11, 2022

This photo from last summer is of Sunni, pulling my friend, Dave Gilbert, and me. The event marked that season’s first time with Sunni in harness. She’s a superb driving horse.

Dave was our guide in a neighborhood east of the city. There he and Julie live with their horses, Ducky and Lynx. A very short distance from their front door are riding trails, which the couple frequents and loves. I’ve joined them, riding horseback on my Sunni or on my Rosie, while feeling a mix of pleasure and envy for the Gilberts’ proximity to great trails.

Their neighborhood has relatively quiet streets with slow-moving vehicles if any. The area is perfect for driving a horse on pavement. Sunni is good-natured, amiable, and performs with ease. She’s a breeze to drive.

We toured several local streets and Dave pointed out the area’s “Little Libraries.” He offered to build one for the street that fronts my house. It’s a questionable idea. My book titles which don’t necessarily match what’s popular, wouldn’t draw much interest.

The delightful header image was captured by Julie Gilbert. Following Dave’s ride, she joined me in the cart to travel a different neighborhood road network. Julie and I are “horse folks” and particularly admired the properties sporting paddocks with horses. We made plans to ride horseback again soon.

The Gilberts and I love Sunni. In fact, everybody who’s been a guest in the cart, or ridden Sunni on horseback, loves her.

Dear Friends: A Foundation Morgan, Sunni’s lineage goes to Justin Morgan’s Morgan. Diana

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