Light Daze

August sunrise

Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Extreme heat used to occur in Central Oregon only near August’s last two weeks. That’s changed, as too-warm pockets are popping up unexpectedly all summer. This week, a predicted re-heating should recreate a weary round of “dog days.”

Despite this area’s summer-like temperatures, jumping ahead and preparing for winter has become appropriate. Typically, our local transition to fall weather occurs quickly; afterward, we have a short window before a first big chill.

These thoughts are driving a revision of my chore list. For outside, it’s time to clean and refill the horses’ troughs, make a sweep of the chicken areas, and rearrange the Dogloos to provide maximum weather sheltering. Inside, a world of cleaning and arranging awaits the completion of new, house-wide flooring.

On this beautiful morning, the bright globe of a rising sun urges me to go outside before things start heating up. While going toward the barn area, it’ll be a pleasure to put Ms. Wellsummer Hen into an outside pen, giving her a few early hours to scratch around and dust off.

Dear Friends: This could be subtitled, “Still, Tom Sawyer days.” Diana

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