Standard Manchester Terrier, puppy

Wednesday, August 17, 2022

I saw early today my six-month-old puppy, Chase, while outside, catching and destroying a mouse. His attraction to rodents increases the credibility of him being a standard, smooth-coated, Manchester Terrier. The breed, developed in 16th Century England to hunt vermin and small game, became well known for eliminating rats in that country’s Manchester Section.

I adopted Chase as a tiny eight-week-old mutt, from a Warm Springs litter and he’s likely a mixed breed. Overall, his appearance and behavior strongly suggest Manchester.

Chase, as a cool breed, is a fun idea. But his DNA isn’t important. He’s a sweet and happy fellow who next year will become a trail buddy to me and the horses. By next spring, he’ll be almost fully developed. His muscles can start to accommodate trotting over distances.

Standard Manchester Terrier, adult

The photos from the internet are spitting images of Chase. They’re the best I can provide until I manage to figure out how to download successfully from my stop-action camera. He’s too busy to capture nicely with a small camera.

Dear Friends: Now, I’m off to work. Diana

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