Summer Shoots

Tuesday, August 23, 2022

The dragonflies abound on hot summer days, attracting with bright eyes and gossamer wings. I captured some of this one’s energy but too little of its colors.

I have ordered a new camera against my strong sense that today’s economics require saving and not spending. I hope it’s significantly smaller, lighter-weight, and takes equally good pictures as my dependable and too-heavy camera.

In the old days, camera stores ordinary were many and local. A buyer could look, hold, try out, and select a camera with accessories that felt suitable. Today, I live in a small city in the middle of Oregon and must go online to sort through a decent variety of high-end cameras.

For a non-professional photographer, newer camera technology is confusing. Camera reviews don’t help me because they require understanding many complex elements that I don’t enjoy dealing with. I am a pointer and shooter but wish for all the greatness. I grasp when a photo is good; it’s clean, balanced, and tells a story.

I will play with the new camera. I can decide to keep it or seek one more suitable to my needs and shooting style. Perhaps modern technology will encourage me to alter my needs and style. Experimenting has a way of doing that.

Dear Friends: Every sort of change brings challenges and opportunities. Diana

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