Purely Mutt

Wednesday, August 24, 2022

My puppy, Chase, is about to turn seven months old. He’s settling into a sweet, friendly fellow living within my pack of dogs. Chase has become stronger physically and is developing a distinctive personality. His maturing calls for some alone time with his human. I’m often too busy or preoccupied with miscellanea to pause and train him. But Chase needs my focus and attention to grow into a great and dependable buddy.

In today’s header photo, Chase is on a leash as my only companion. We’re returning from our first long walk together. During that walk, he initially seemed tentative and would pause and pull against the leash. Soon, however, he figured “it out” and adapted, becoming an easy-to-lead companion.

That sunny afternoon, we strolled for about a mile; it was too warm to go farther. Besides teaching Chase that he’s special, he showed me that he’s maturing. I was impressed and decided to trust him with more freedom inside the house.

That afternoon, Chase hung out alone with me. He didn’t drag around his findings, ignored my laundry and my shoes, and didn’t chew on electrical wires. He suddenly seems to have transitioned from all “teeth, nails, and awful” to a Mr. Charming.

I was convinced enough and avoided confining Chase to a kennel through the night. For the first time, he was left free to sleep where he chose. In the morning, I awoke and found him curled on a pillow near my bed.

“Good boy, Chase!” We’re making it through your puppyhood! A miracle of miracles.

Dear Friends: I can see us sailing more smoothly into our future together. Diana

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