Summer’s Closing

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Thursday, August 25, 2022

Today’s header photo shows Chase and Ranger about to enter a canal. That waterway is large and active, and both dogs are swimmers. Ranger knows how to swim in this busy channel, but Chase is new to it. He must learn to assess water movements and navigate safely.

This central canal has sections where water flows relatively slowly or rapidly by design. These variations test a swimmer’s judgment and strength. My experienced dogs understand moving water and how to swim safely. New to the canal, Young Chase immediately sensed the challenges upon leaping into it. He elected to remain in calm water near the embankment with accessible exits. I watched that intelligent boy grasp solutions like an experienced swimmer.

My other young dog, Mitzvah, tiptoes to water and drinks but refuses to swim. On this day, they were introduced to an environment they’ll return to often. Chase’s familiarity with this canal is a crucial step in his development.

The entire area surrounding that waterway is pure desert. The dogs and I went walking, with them running ahead and sometimes following. Mitzvah and Chase held their own throughout our hike.

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Running ahead

These “littles” are tough and willing learners.

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Sometimes following

Dear Friends: Preparing them all for autumn’s lovely months and outings. Diana

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