Lovin’ A Rose


Friday, August 26, 2022

Rosie, now in her mid-twenties, has lived with me ten years. She’s what’s called a “lead mare type.” In other words, Rosie is a herd boss. At my place, she bosses her younger sister, Sunni (pronounced sunny) and their constant companion, standard donkey, Pimmy. It does seem that mostly Sunni and Pimmy allow Rosie the role of boss. Occasionally, one of those underlings successfully navigates the herd status to achieve her own intent. Rosie appears to understand.

She’s alert, very smart, and highly attuned to the environment. Rosie’s early years were tough-going. Her breeder-owner was a person capable with horses and often mentally devil-ridden. An outcome for Rosie was sometimes becoming hypertuned, anxious, and more bossy.

In beginning our partnership, I was new to horses and learned that Rosie would become my trainer. I found that Rosie will sense the slightest hint of anxiety and want to become “the decider” of what next happens. I learned to remain calm, soft-speaking, and how to behave as the lead mare to Rosie.

These days, Rosie seems less anxious overall. She’s dependable, fun, and well trained, an experienced riding and driving horse. She knows more than I ever may comprehend. Rosie is from a foundation line stretching back through generations to Justin Morgan’s Morgan, and she beautifully represents it.

Along the way, Rosie can be silly.

Dear Friends: Those teeth are a reminder to write about “Special’s Tooth”…next time. Diana

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