Autumn Dreams

I have a new camera that is challenging to learn. Buttons of various sizes cover its outsides; its programming options resemble Greek.

This camera is a Lumix G9. A mirrorless version, more complicated than any of my previous cameras.

I’m a point-and-shot photographer interested in capturing wild birds, my dogs at play, and anything else catching my attention. I need a camera capable of instant focusing, distance shooting, and action-stopping. These are technologies I’ve enjoyed in larger cameras. Compared to the new Lumix, my older capable cameras are bulkier and heavier to carry.

I can’t say how many more advantages I may discover while becoming accustomed to a modern mirrorless device. I’m trying to learn its possibilities by studying online videos. Endless videos describe the Lumix’s attributes and explain how to adjust its settings. Unfortunately, since I’m not technologically savvy, the hours I’ve spent learning are only the beginning.

I have settled on three initial goals. First is learning how to set the Lumix for simple, straightforward shooting. Next is going outside and practicing. My third is for tomorrow, posting a header photo from this camera.

Dear Friends: Think good thoughts for an easy path into modern technology. Diana

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