This will be short as my plans for today have changed.

Through no fault of my horse or myself, the saddle I was riding suddenly slipped sideways, dumping me onto the ground. Fortunately, I landed in an area with a brush and no rocks. Plus, I was not riding alone and had assistance.

Earlier today, I called out from work. I am ambulatory, but moving does cause pain in my lower right-side back. I will go to urgent care for a look-over.

I can handle routine chores at home, so don’t need help. I want Urgent Care to explain the source of my pain and want to return quickly to my part-time job, which requires some physical strength.

It was a fluky incident. I had been riding for some time before the saddle, without any warning at all, suddenly turned. I slipped off and completely free from my horse, a good girl, she stopped and waited.

Also, I have been taking pictures with my new camera. It represents new technology and is cool to use with amazing potential. Ahead for me is practicing, with a big learning curve and the fun of achieving.

Dear Friends: All’s well; being cautious, and planning to semi-retire that saddle. Diana

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