A Post Note

Sunday, September 04, 2022

Last Friday, after leaving Urgent Care with a “cracked rib” diagnosis, I went to my part-time employer, a supermarket, and met with its managers. I explained my injury and asked to continue working, by experimenting to assess my pain levels. I could test my ability to cashier actively, by performing work from left to right or vice versa. They agreed to let me experiment by using cash registers that face either north or south.

Yesterday, the store took good care of me. I could choose registers and experiment. I could have taken more breaks, or stopped and gone home for time off. It happened that in both directions, I worked efficiently.

That morning, I had taken a careful dose of narcotic, to ease pain and not interfere with cognizance. I remained, while working, aware of discomfort but it didn’t rule.

So, having figured things out, I will continue actively working as a cashier. Much better than hanging around the house and thinking about my sore ribcage.

The best now is the ability to refocus my energies and do what’s pleasurable. Understanding my back pain more frees me for better things, like reading fiction and practicing with my new camera.

Dear Friends: Our human attributes include the capability of living with pain. Diana

One thought on “A Post Note

  1. I had a feeling your injury was likely a cracked rib since I’ve had many broken and cracked (only once was it not horse related). Not much can be done except pain meds and taking it easy which won’t be real easy for you given your long chores list. Holler if you need help. 🥰

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