Laboring & Changing

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Monday, September 05, 2022

Happy Labor Day! This named date has a specific historical significance, but to me, it primarily marks when potato salad ends, and potato soup begins.

Now the Central Oregon weather is cooling. These nights, I enjoy sleeping under a blanket. Through a window, I can see the over-half-full, beautiful September moon.

Our Pacific Northwest has come through another too dry summer and already nearby fires have broken out. It’s a worrisome possibility of spontaneous wildfires.

In my part-time work as a supermarket checker, I listen to citizens. These days, I hear a focus on wildfires. There are focuses on vigilance and confidence in local firefighters having solid experience and equipment.

I love that September initiates a string of nearly three months of beautiful weather. This period is about cool colors, birds and trees, breezes and shadows, moons and night lights, chopped wood, and fired-up hearths.

All that’s what Labor Day means to me.

There’s steady evidence that this Holiday’s true significance is evolving. Technologies have changed working places, equipment styles, job opportunities, and workers’ paths to learning. Today’s working-age population views work as differing vastly from those of our earlier-times heroes. Their right to unionize was a high achievement that remains essential.

Today, with hot dogs, chips, and beer, we celebrate earlier American workers and their hard-won right to unionize. In the time ahead are bound to be multiple new reasons for having a Labor Day and considering it special.

Dear Friends: Time changes, and changes evolve; only moments may offer static. Diana

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