Tuesday, September 06, 2022

I have ordered a new computer capable of designing and editing complex graphics.

For years, finding a machine that’s able to accommodate the complete Photoshop editing package has been on my mind. I’ve ordered a laptop designed to provide all I want.

I’m an amateur photographer who’s still learning about that hobby and its associated processes. I can identify a good image and also understand what makes it so. Often, not-so-good captures have more potential than a glance or two might offer. I have wished to work with the not-so-goods and make them better or even special.

The most complete editing package available is Photoshop. It’s huge and calls for a powerful operating computer to produce high-end graphics.

I’m just beginning to shoot scenes with a new camera. It’s capable of offering more than I know how to use, a potential that invites exploring. Shooting is one part of producing images. Another is doing more with the camera’s images, from adjusting lighting to rearranging entire scenes and creating outcomes akin to art.

Achieving great images is my long-shot plan. I’m a relative beginner, accustomed to holding a camera and pointing and shooting. Finally, I’m investing in a long-term dream.

I’ll update my progress, and hopefully before long, may display artful images here.

Dear Friends: An evolving dream for thirty-plus years, and soon a new reality. Diana

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