Wednesday, September 07, 2022

The computer I have ordered is a droid laptop. to replace my Apple desktop. Earlier, as this year began, I changed to Apple from a lifetime of working exclusively on droids. Changing was an experiment, and these nine months of using all Apple components (including a watch, tablet, and cellphone) have been disappointing.

People I know and trust who are “into Apple” swear by the products. I’ve been influenced and understand why. Apple items, cool and attractive, offer fun options.

None of my Apple products still work correctly. The cellphone and watch batteries regularly fade and shut down before a day completes. My computer quickly drops its wifi connections and needs multiple shutdowns and restarts for it to recapture wifi. Completing my internet work becomes wearing and time-consuming.

Last week, a closing chapter to my Apple life occurred when I fell off my horse. I landed hard and solidly, cracked a rib, and incurred serious bruising. An Apple Watch is supposed to react to its wearer’s fall by detecting and confirming an occurrence and offering assistance. Last week, my watch didn’t notice my falling and landing.

So, this begins my Goodby to Apple, Hello to Droid. Once my new computer has proved satisfactory, I will start searching for a dependable droid smartwatch and phone.

From all I’ve heard, seen, and read, my disappointment with Apple products is unusual. Apple folks love their equipment, and so it’s with apologies to those of Apple Persuasion that I move to different possibilities.

Dear Friends: The internet and wifi have become mightily-needed resources. Diana

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