Status Update

Thursday, September 08, 2022

Thanks, friends, for asking about my recent physical injury status.

Last week, I fell from my horse, dumped by a suddenly-slipping saddle. I landed hard on my back’s right side, in a rockless spot, and luckily, had a riding companion who helped me onto my feet, resaddled my horse, and led the horses and me to our rig. Although in pain and some shock, I managed to walk. Fortunately, the accident occurred relatively near the trailhead.

After receiving an official “cracked rib” diagnosis and a supply of painkillers, I wished to continue my cashiering work in a supermarket. The store’s managers gave me permission to experiment with pain levels and I practiced. All went well; I’m still working.

Not much can “help” a cracked rib; it simply has to heal, which takes about six weeks. Activities requiring support from my core (like sitting down and rising up, getting into and out of bed [or a vehicle], and similar moves) cause either consistent or stabbing pains.

I’m no medicine-taker but am using painkillers. They don’t erase discomfort but help by reducing pain. Enough for me to take care of my large animals and do my supermarket job.

The status is that I’m functional and healing. I’m being forced into patience about what’s possible physically and mentally. By reducing physical activities, I’m shifting toward the “head-tripping” areas, like photography, editing, and writing.

Dear Friends: More will come from attention shifting; it’ll be good. Diana

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