Sunday, September 11, 2022

Today’s the anniversary of horrible events in 2001, the day suicidal religious zealots successfully rammed commercial airplanes into New York City’s Twin Towers, after commandeering two American aircraft. Another set of zealot compatriots commandeered and downed an American airliner in Pennsylvania. Yet another group, hijacking another American plane, failed in ramming it into a government building in D.C.

Not long afterward, we saw videos of Taliban Leader Bin Laden. He was nodding and smiling while hearing his commanders brag that their pre-planning and death-volunteering warriors had successfully penetrated American airspace, murdering thousands.

On that day, this nation’s losses made average Americans understand the nature and power of religious zealotry. More solidly than in the past, the Middle East had alerted a larger world to the possibilities of high risk-taking, previously not fully recognized.

Zealotry has continued to be murderous, by groups and individuals, believing their image of Prophet Mohamed is somehow being injured. Attacks on innocent citizens commonly occur worldwide, and nowadays are not surprising.

Twenty-one years after those September 11 tragedies, populations are more aware and cautious, worried about a worldwide future, economically, politically, and socially. Especially concerning is if and how the world’s population may adjust to ever more powerful technologies and reduced critical natural resources.

Dear Friends: “Optimistic caution” becomes a catchphrase for “mood.” Diana

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