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Monday, September 12, 2022

Yesterday, as I was leaving work, a man exiting a car asked me, “Why is the flag flying at half-mast?” I turned, and yes, it was at half-mast, but not flying as there was no breeze. I mouthed my first impulse, “Probably, Elizabeth.” He agreed, “Yes, Elizabeth.” Only later, because it seemed off that the grocery’s flag might be flying for Queen Elizabeth, the reason hit me. The date was “Nine-Eleven”; that morning, I had remembered and blogged about it.

All day I had been busy behind a cash register interacting with non-ending grocery buyers. Every Sunday is a shopping whopper and so was yesterday. I participated in numerous verbal exchanges with buyers. Quick discussions ranged from the impending armageddon (I don’t argue with anyone’s viewpoint), and how everyone in the know must stock up on emergency groceries; to the pros and cons of camping “somewhere around” the Metolious River, and if so, needed provisions.

And so it goes all day, most days, when I’m working.

Yesterday, in the back of my mind, I couldn’t help wondering why the British keep supporting a monarchy. It’s a complex question opening a specter of social change both spectacular and enormous. Since my private thoughts had been busy puzzling over monarchy pluses and minuses, I forgive myself for making a “flag blip.”

Today, I’ll be back at it, checking and talking and thinking private thoughts. At the moment, I’m wondering about the stock market and its ups and downs. It’s really challenging to try to comprehend the meanings and depth of economic news. Like, what might happen if the Fed takes a deep breath?

Dear Friends: I’ll reserve questions about formal economics for a long while. Diana

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