Online Again

“Afgan Girl”, 1976, Natl. Geographic

Thursday, September 15, 2022

Miracle of miracles, once again, I can access my Word Press site. Anytime I try accessing the site using a new computer, WP doesn’t recognize me. This time, after three days of hot emails back and forth to WP Support, the problem is resolved.

My new computer arrived (you guessed it) three days ago. It’s an android, sleek and fast, with a very sensitive keyboard, and a nervous light touch sets it going to places previously unknown to me. That aside, with WP again on screen for blogging, I will turn my attention to downloading and editing photos.

Lately, I’ve been practicing taking pictures with a mirrorless camera. This camera offers more creative possibilities than I might ever attempt to use. This camera’s capabilities are intriguing; its captures yield impressive clarity and depths of field. My new computer has the critical role of handling and processing the software, Photoshop, a program enormous and complex for photo and video editing.

If you happen to be wondering what might be driving all this, the answer is it’s for myself. I’ve long wanted equipment that enables high creativity in working with images beyond the capabilities of ordinary software and systems.

A hearty good morning to you all. It’s good to be online again.

Dear Friends: It has been a long road toward viewing photography as an art form. Diana

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