Friday, September 16, 2022

Hello World! Yesterday, a day of debilitating cold symptoms had me sleeping away most of the daylight, punctuated by going to feed the horses. After sleeping through the night, I am much better now.

I anticipate this as an active day. My flooring person, Leroy, has worked his way to the main bedroom, where there are shelved and stacked, books upon books. I wonder why I can’t bring myself to toss books, when they’re easily available online, new, or used. Well, my books must be moved today to empty their spots before Leroy returns tomorrow.

The new vinyl flooring he already has set looks good and is a breeze to clean. It’s waterproof and a quick mopping takes care of, well, in my house, dog accidents. Back in my days with wall-to-wall carpeting, I weekly operated a carpet scrubber. That job was cumbersome and unfortunately didn’t clean spots well enough. Finally, I gave up. When a decision seemed necessary about having dogs, I opted for them.

My breakthrough occurred earlier this year when a neighbor introduced me to a vinyl flooring he had installed in renewing an old home. The flooring looked good and needed minimal care, it suited perfectly living with pets.

Now, on my home’s new flooring, the dogs have the challenge of slippery footing. If trying to hurry, they will slip/slide on the vinyl. This could be resolved by laying a room-size carpet, and if appropriate later, simply ditching it. That’s an alternative, but I’m counting on the dogs’ learning to move around more slowly.

Meanwhile, the new flooring meets my expectations. It looks good, is easy to clean, and seems to open more of my home, making its other elements more noticeable.

Dear Friends: And now, for me, it’s off to start that book-moving. Diana

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