Dawn, 9-17-22

September 17, 2022

Chilly morning, this one, and beautiful besides. The horses, frisky with hunger, are calmed by an early feeding.

It’s back-to-work for me. My three days off involved fighting a severe cold. Probably for having an immune system already compromised by a cracked rib. Speaking of which, for the first time since the accident, I finally could sleep while on my left side. Can’t be pain free while on my right side, but any sign of progress pleases.

The person replacing my carpeting with vinyl tiles will be here today. After tiling most of the downstairs area, he is about to re-floor the master bedroom. Yesterday, I emptied that room of most of the books and odd junk. I’ll need his help to move a couple of pieces too heavy for me alone.

It feels as if months have passed since this flooring project began. Now, I’m astonished that the main floors are nearly complete, after which remains only a loft area. I’ve happily ousted most of my oversized furniture one way or another. Ahead, I will opt for minimalist furnishings.

Ah, we learn as we grow, with changing a never-ending process.

Dear Friends: Enjoy this day. Diana

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