Thursday, September 22, 2022

Each morning, I write a blog and try to publish it as close as possible to 8:00. For some irritating reason, my writing platform, Word Press, often dies around that time. After writing a blog on the WP site, it stalls and I’m unable to save and publish. I’ve tried many ways and failed to get a stalled WP up again and running. If the problem is that WP is a too-busy site, that’s not good.

Today, I’m taking a different approach and drafting my blog using a Word platform. I’ll save my draft before logging onto WP. Maybe, quickly, I can paste and publish before the site again fails.

Contacting a live site representative for help is like pulling teeth. Most internet sites refer questions about problems to topic lists with user questions and expert answers. Those rarely answer my questions.  

One alternative is to change my writing platform. I have loved Word Press, but earlier this year, the “stalling problems” had me beginning to do that. Before completing the switch, I installed a new computer which seemed to help. Recently, when WP began acting up again, I installed another new computer. This has allowed publishing until the same site problems recurred.

I will discover if this drafting method can work as I hope on the WP site. If all goes well, it’s a happy good morning to you all.

Dear Friends: The “Cloud” is just that, beautiful and often fuzzy. Diana     

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