Hound Dog

Friday, September 23, 2022

Today, I will take Ranger, my aging hound dog, to the veterinarian who last week assessed my mini-Aussie, Louie. She was observant, knowledgeable, and supportive, agreeing that Louie, in old age, had fallen ill and was suffering. She helped me say goodbye to my brave and loyal little buddy.

Ranger, too, is aging. He needs an updated health baseline. My recent experience with Louie’s health issues alerted me to be more aware of the aging process. Ranger’s face now shows some gray and he’s also a bit stiffer and slower.

Twelve years ago, as a little lost puppy, he appeared on my doorstep. I advertised but nobody responded. Meanwhile, the puppy made it clear that I was “his person.” That’s never changed.

I always preferred working-type dogs, especially herding breeds. I never estimated hound-types as being smart, but Ranger changed my attitude. He’s been a devoted companion, dependable outdoors buddy, and is plenty smart. I’ve appreciated that he has what’s called “a cold nose,” referring to hunting types, uninterested in seeking or chasing the wild game.

For years, along with Louie, Ranger ran alongside me on horseback and over all sorts of terrain. On all trails, straight-arrow Ranger ran in the lead, and always, upon losing sight of me, he quickly backtracked and made sure my horse was following.

Dear Friends: Ahead, is watching over his senior years. Diana

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