Friday, September 24, 2022

Yesterday, I needed a little therapy and decided to roam Costco. My excuse was to replenish my dwindling supply of dog biscuits. My real reason was from a weird bit of restlessness making me want to wander in a big store.

Feeling “housebound” can be unsettling. My flooring person has stashed around tools and a large supply of vinyl flooring. He’s a friend, working on his own time and sometimes disappearing for periods. I get it, that’s our deal.

I’ve begun sleeping in the guest bedroom. Like most other spaces, it’s crammed with “stuff” needing removal from the floorer’s work areas. In disarray, I must search for items. No longer are comfortable areas for sitting, reading, and dozing.

Sometimes I need to wander. Not out walking through the streets, alone or with an animal companion, but roaming among other wanderers.    

As things turned out, Costco was a good call. I spotted the Pharmacy Department and managed to receive both a Covid booster and a flu shot. That wasn’t a conscious part of yesterday’s plan but was a key goal.

Exiting Costco with dog biscuits and a couple of on-sale items set me back a hundred dollars. That’s almost a non-issue in a store that easily can set one back hundreds of dollars. Best and accidentally, I received those boosters.

Dear Friends: That wander dissolved nervous energy and solved a need. Diana

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