Local View

Sunday, September 25, 2022

Yesterday, there seemed fewer than usual customers in the supermarket where I’m a cashier. Sure, plenty arrived to keep we workers busy, but the overall volume was less than “Saturday as usual.” Maybe today the store will be double slammed.

Yesterday was a beautiful day. One could guess that most would-be Saturday shoppers were outside enjoying the fall weather. Today’s news carries stories about would-be campers, without campsite reservations, fighting with those having reservations. Apparently, “open first-come-first-served” campground spots can be reserved, and yesterday, forest area supervisors had their hands full.

Today is Sunday, usually busy with grocery shoppers, pushing full baskets in long lines for checking out. On average Sundays, cash registers ring non-stop from start to end. Today will turn into a real “whop-to-do,” if those who chose to play yesterday show up today for their groceries.

I can’t help mentioning inflation. Even in my cut-rate supermarket workplace, some loaves of bread now ring up in the neighborhood of $6 each. I’m noticing, too, more sales of do-it-yourself products, like those for baking bread.

It’s time to search for and dust off our long-stashed bread-making machines.

Dear Friends: “All politics (and [my insertion] economics) is local.” Diana     

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