Pimmy’s Leg

Monday, September 26, 2022

Early today, I’ll contact Bend Equine, a medical facility, and request a “farm call.” A veterinarian needs to come and examine Pimmy, my donkey.

Last week something happened that causes her to limp severely. One of the horses might have kicked her. That seems unlikely after the trio’s many years of healthy togetherness. Nonetheless, accidents occur.

I can’t find an outer sign of injury except for seeing her difficulties in moving around. It’s evident that Pimmy doesn’t set the hoof of her injured leg flatly on the ground. She struggles to move with the injured leg on its tiptoe.

I search for another outward sign of injury. She’s not bothered when my hands are moving up and down the injured leg, nor bothered when I am pressuring the injured leg’s hoof-bottom.

I hoped she’d improve but don’t see that happening. This weekend, I tried to find a mobile equine veterinarian who was working, without luck. Today, I’ll have someone competent come to examine her.

It’s sad seeing my usually tough donkey with problems. Maybe she did get caught by an accidental kick. This cooling weather makes horses exuberant, and periodically, they’re running about and kicking out.

Dear Friends: More ahead when I know why her leg hurts. Diana    

5 thoughts on “Pimmy’s Leg

  1. A similar thing happened to my donkey, Daisy, last March. It turned out to be laminitis. We have no idea how that happened. She was fine and then she wasn’t. Hope that’s not the case for Pimmy.

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  2. Thanks, Cathy. Laminitis was on the vet’s mind, but having only one hoof painful ruled that out. My dry lot was the culprit. A rock became lodged into the hoof causing an infection. Tough donkeys. I hope your little one is recovered and doing well again.


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