Health & Convenience

Wednesday, September 28, 2022

In my work as a supermarket checker, I see escalating food prices and watch for their effect on customer purchases. It’s a mixed bag. Some customers buy mostly organic and basic products, but most select products that mostly are pre-prepared for convenience.

I get it, too, for many moms come through my checkout line towing small children. Those moms work at loading a checkout belt and then hurry to the bagging side to bag their buys. (I work in a self-bagging market.)

Meanwhile, the kids are after their moms, demanding toys from nearby displays or crying to be picked up, or noisily fighting with one another. And, so much more! A mom with hands full knows that convenience foods make managing children easier and quicker.

Capturing widespread attention is the huge amount of highly processed foods on the market and popular. They’re labeled as “convenience” and “instant energy” and “plant-based substitute” foods. Those products pass my register in huge amounts.

I purchase, too, many easily available low-calorie, non-sugar, low-carb items. Now, I’m rethinking because many food products are too overly processed. This fast-food era with rapidly rising costs makes one reconsider how to buy, store, and prepare food products.

In my case, no small children are demanding attention. As a single person, I can change managing groceries and cooking without bringing down the roof. Nonetheless, fewer pre-prepared foods will make me spend more time storing, preparing, and cooking.

I’m disliking products with bunches of ingredients and still labeled as milk, bread, water, and such. They’re not, and such conveniences are expensive. Ahead, a jury will have much to say about the long-term healthiness of highly processed product users.

Today I’ll watch buyers and plan changes to some of my food-related habits. Ahead, more on this topic.

Dear Friends: Challenging the domination of mass marketing. Diana    

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