The research lab, Open AI, now allows the public to access DALL-E, its artificial intelligence platform which can generate imaginary images. I used it to request a cartoon, “A female blogger in the process of dreaming up a topic.” Thus, DALL-E has created today’s header photo.

So much is possible on DALL-E that it has the potential of blurring imagination and reality. Here’s another DALL-E image generated upon my request. “In the style of Chinese watercolor, a female strolling in a forest.”

Until now, the most creative imaging and manipulative opportunities available have been by using the giant and expensive Photoshop software. DALL-E is a worthwhile challenger, and besides, it’s almost free. One gets x-numbers of free images and afterward may purchase more of them.

I continued testing by requesting another: “A full moon slightly above a hunting wolf.”

I’m blown away by the possibilities of this AI. It has great potential for making one’s imagination come alive. It also has a downside. Tricksters could use this AI to generate fantasies and claim them as real. In near future, social media will provide evidence of the upsides and downsides.

A genuine plus of having a workable and teachable AI open to the public, is to explore and create. As a teaching tool, it provides insight into the amazing possibilities of using AI. It’s a powerful way of gaining insight to our uniquely personal ways of imaging and viewing.

A Washington Post article first introduced me to DALL-E and its potential. It’s fascinating to read, and here’s a link: https://www.washingtonpost.com/technology/interactive/2022/artificial-intelligence-images-dall-e/?itid=hp-top-table-main-t-5

Watercolor image of a Spinning World

Dear Friends: Our awareness increases more quickly than we might realize. Diana

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