Gaze Up & Dream

Friday, September 30, 2022

I have a couple of days off from work with lots on my plate. My working days consume a lot of energy, and evenings after work are dedicated to basic needs at home.

In the days ahead, I have things to accomplish around the barn and inside the house. Otherwise, I’ll practice using Photoshop software. I’ll also go out and experiment more with my camera’s potential.

I’ve been unable to download photos to my computer for lacking a special gadget. That part is arriving soon to make sharing possible.

I hope to create computer-generated images that will illustrate a story I drafted years ago. It’s about a pony and needs illustrations. The DALL-E capabilities might help to finish it.

My days off are beginning, and everything’s happening ahead.

Dear Friends: Dreams can be energizing, and learning from them is fabulous. Diana

2 thoughts on “Gaze Up & Dream

  1. My brain is pitiful, I keep trying to make it work better! Pimmy is doing well, the abscess appears to have drained. Her vet is coming today to check the hoof. And to remove the tape! It’s the world’s stickiest stuff. I huffed and puffed in mid-week to change the dressing.


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