Starring Ms. Pimmy

Got a treat?

Saturday, October 01, 2022

As of today, Pimmy’s Facebook page is reactivated. Yesterday, Bend Equine Veterinarian, Dr. Tyler and his vet tech came; they re-examined and re-wrapped Pimmy’s “boo-boo” hoof. They learned that Pimmy has a Facebook page, looked at its photos, and decided to start following Pimmy.

I’ve neglected this donkey’s page lately, but it has followers. People always ask about her. They’re interested in her temperament, how she bonds with the horses living with her, and whatever she might be doing beyond the barn. So, Pimmy again will be out and about on her own social media page.

That encourages me to work more with Pimmy. She’s fun, photogenic, and might again become active in the community. If there’s an upcoming Thanksgiving Parade, she might march. Our artist friend, Janet, created Pimmy’s Christmas costume and might help to ready her for a Thanksgiving event.

Pimmy’s recent hoof abscess is healing; she no longer limps. Yesterday, the boo-boo hoof received a final wrap. It’s minimal and Dr. Tyler said the entire wrap probably will “fall off” in a week. I’ll keep the healthy hoof clean so another pebble doesn’t settle into the crevice.


Dear Friends: This sweet and enjoyable donkey delights nearly everyone. Diana

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