Watermelon Event

Saturday, October 02, 2020

Yesterday on this ranch, a “watermelon day.” Chickens were delighted; horses were in heaven with melon moisture streaming from their lips.

Watermelon days are fun, but require advance planning. First, I must wrap my head around dealing with a heavy melon. It’ll need hauling into a grocery cart, and then loaded into, and later from my vehicle. Finally at home, it needs cutting, which requires planning.

I pause and try recalling my childhood days of helping in my family’s small grocery store. Did we cut melons horizontally or longitudinally? I opt for longitudinal and and take a long anticipatory look at the melon’s center. I plunge my biggest butcher knife straight in, as much as my strength can push the knife. Afterward, I complete the cut by finessing.

I roll the melon and with my knife manipulate the initial cut until the fruit starts popping apart. (And here to myself, a reminder to video this someday.) Now, with two halves, both hopefully with bright red centers, I steal a few thirsty nibbles before slicing the halves into chunks. They’ll be set out for chickens and turkeys. A reserved chunk gets sliced into horse-size treats.

The melon is in pieces but its total weight unchanged. Besides being heavy, it needs organizing, for toting a hundred yards downhill to the barn area. All my critters are excited on seeing me and anticipating treats. There’s no time to waste deciding which to feed first. The horses are the most demanding with Rosie snorting and kicking the gate. Horses get first dibs.

I laugh at their sloppy drools. My hands are are full, but I wish for a camera to capture Pimmy’s slurps. I’d post an image on her Facebook page. Having reactivated her page has me focusing more on Pimmy. Next watermelon day, I’ll create a wished-for video.

Next, the chickens and turkeys. They’re ready! As large chunks are placed around, they dive in. Not just bird types, but also their goat buddies. Speaking of birds, the wild ones, on seeing me leave, zoom in for a crack of sheer deliciousness.

It’s a big job, “doing watermelons” and it’s rewarding. Before the changing season affects grocery supplies, I’ll tote another watermelon home. I’ll find a way to capture the action visually.

Dear Friends: Slurp, slurp, meaning lots of work and worth it! Diana

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