“Seeing” With Peaches

Monday, October 03, 2022

On a beautiful day, Peaches and I went walking. He’s so excited to receive invitations to go out with me. As far as he’s concerned, anywhere is fine. This time, we toured a bit of the neighborhood.

Actually, more than Peaches was on my mind. I carried a camera, wanting to photograph natural scenes and hoping for interesting images. You never know, but beyond any real-time glances, the most mundane-seeming captures may reveal unnoticed beauty and be fascinating.

This random shot turned out to have “the stuff.” Rich in detail and beauty, it draws attention.

Here’s another showing an interesting-looking path. It shows where we walked, and moreover, it reveals why we walked. That curving appeal drew us forward.

That outing was productive and enjoyable. My buddy Peaches had great fun.

I’m the one still having fun, in re-exploring photographs and considering their potential. I’m already planning for another expedition. With a good bird and ready camera.

Dear Friends: It’s possible to pursue dreams, even in our local neighborhoods. Diana

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