Seeing is Imagining

Wednesday, October 05, 2022

Sometimes, one casually sights something in passing that becomes an eye-opener. I vaguely recall seeing this injured tree without remembering its location.

Today, this photo is interesting enough, but also has symbology that could represent today’s world. Against the rubble of overcrowded populations, economic and political confusions, our human tendencies of optimism, discovery, and belief keep our faith in the known world viable and forward-moving. So it seems, although evidence suggests people must do much more and do it better.

Here’s another image that evokes similar imaginings. It contrasts a lost past to the doubtful present.

Long-time locals describe their growing-up days, when their grandfathers owned hundreds of acres, now just out of town, but back then located on way out country land. The family used to run hundreds of cattle there. Recently, the grandchildren sold the last few remaining acres to the city for a planned new subdivision.

As background, my work as a cashier in a local major supermarket gives me an ear to quick stories from passing customers. I am gaining a greater sense of this city’s “old days” when it was tiny. Everybody knew everybody and never dreamed it could grow as it has recently, and continues to do so.

Dear Friends: Representations of past and present are powerful reminders. Diana

One thought on “Seeing is Imagining

  1. The juniper touches my heart. If I were to create a personal coat of arms, a juniper like that would be central.


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