Thursday, October 06, 2022

Today is the last of five days working until exhausted. The supermarket where I am a checker is shorthanded of employees. Those of us working constantly are busy and stressed. Ours is a price-cutting market that does a great job of keeping prices lower than other grocery stores. In today’s economy, our store daily seems busier.

Our market is part of a large chain. It’s one of the highest grossing stores.

I’m considering taking the coldest winter months off, maybe December through March. My dogs are inside-outside, which isn’t a problem in non-aggressive weather. While I’m at work, they can be outside, and when I’m home they’re inside. In extreme weather, they mostly should be inside, but not unsupervised for hours at a stretch.

I’m an hourly worker. Leaving temporarily might mean having to quit my job. That’s okay, for when I want to work again, there should be openings for my marketable skill of operating a cash register.

Thus, I’ve some flexibility now when tired and wanting a break. There’s also a safety net of future employment if I wish. Those make worthwhile my months-long effort in a busy retail environment to learn cash register operations.

Dear Friends: It’s about being in a larger world, meeting people, making friends. Diana

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