Season Goals

Friday, October 07, 2022

A brief good morning! Today is crowding in on me because of much that needs attention.

Our change to fall weather demands cleaning my barn, renewing horse-trough waters, and handling general property maintenance. Those are for tackling on this day off from my supermarket job.

Weeks ago while riding horseback, my saddle slipped. I fell off and cracked a rib. Finally, the injury has healed and I want to be in a saddle again. Today, there won’t be time, but tomorrow I will try to ride, that depends on how much I accomplish today. Otherwise, next week I’ll venture out on horseback.

There’s more on my list of “to-dos” for accomplishing while the weather’s nice. Once it feels too cold for working outdoors, my enthusiasm for doing will vanish.

Dear Friends: Have a good morning and enjoy this lovely fall day. Diana

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