Saturday, October 08, 2022

Today, I had issues with connecting to the internet. My complicated computer had some kind of glitch. Finally, I managed to connect through my phone to remote technical support. It’s incredibly reassuring to see moving across my screen a mouse that’s controlled by a technical expert. In my bit of computer world now all’s well again.

Ahead more is coming that’s new. A docking station on its way here will enable data downloads from external sources, like my new camera. That will let me view, analyze, and be creative with images. Last evening, I intended to photograph the full moon, only then realizing that my camera doesn’t have a built-in flash. I will order that component.

Step-by-step, the tools I’m assembling will enable more creativity with images. Hopefully, this will be a productive path. Maybe I’ll achieve a long-time goal, to combine seeing and dreaming.

Dear Friends: More ahead, and meanwhile enjoy this fine fall day. Diana

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