Moving On

Sunday, October 09, 2022

Yesterday, I didn’t do anything on a growing list of to-do’s. Instead, my flooring person, Leroy, unexpectedly showed up to re-set my day. He finished changing the master bedroom’s flooring. That leaves only the guest bedroom to change from carpeting to vinyl.

The dogs and I had been sleeping in the guest bedroom. Yesterday was time to move back into the master.

What a mess! Items from the master bedroom stacked hurriedly around the house had me searching for them. I more or less had to refigure the master’s space. Meanwhile, Leroy started on the guest room, removing carpet to prepare the floor for vinyl.

My hardest job was making a smaller bed. Leroy had hauled off my old master bed frame. It was massive, years ago suiting my taste. Today, I prefer minimalistic furnishing. Leroy and I moved the guest bedroom bed over into the master’s space. Making the smaller bed meant also preparing for winter. To heat the bed, out came electrical cords and coverings. The home’s general disarray turned that bed into a big job.

By the time Leroy was leaving, the master bedroom had shaped up and changes were satisfying.

He’s planning to return today and work in the guest bedroom, probably completing it. Then all the downstairs floors will sport waterproof, impermeable, and Oh Joy!, dog-proof, vinyl.

What’s left for Leroy’s attention will be an upstairs loft. I have hope now of the whole house being done before freezing winter weather arrives.

My hard lesson learned: Living easier with multiple pets calls for engineered flooring.

Dear Friends: I can download pictures when my docking station arrives. Diana

2 thoughts on “Moving On

  1. Great notable progress. Congratulations! I envy you. Our estate took a huge hit last month so home improvement projects on hold for now!

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