Monday, October 10, 2022

I love seeing cute Chipmunks running, hunting, and representing a summer of bounty. They’re sheer fun, but actually working hard, seeking baby food and building stores of winter-eats. this one is active on my ranch in this waning summer. It’s healthy-looking, alert, and only slightly cautious of me nearby with a camera.

Starting today, I will photograph with my newest camera. Success, following an hour of collaborating with a remote technical expert. Our complicated process was to identify a driver my computer needed to enable downloads from the camera.

Now, for the first time, I downloaded and viewed practice pictures from the camera on my laptop. All the shots are random but crisp and pleasing like this closeup of young carnations.

For the capture, my camera was set to focus automatically. If instead, I had manually focused, the outcome might reveal more background details. Continuing practice will teach me to tap into the camera’s potential.

Thus, my journey starts, toward maximizing this combo of a new camera and laptop. My photos tend generally to be good, but updated equipment offers a potential only dreamed of until now.

Dear Friends: Moving forward to learn, with hope and confidence. Diana

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